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Martellus Bennett and Devin McCourty have the courage Tom Brady lacks

Two New England Patriots say they will not meet Donald Trump after their Super Bowl victory. At least they’re not dodging the issue like their quarterback

By  / The Guardian / February 8, 2017

In the midst of the idiotic “stick to sports” movement engulfing anyone in the media who dares to disagree with the White House, Super Bowl LI was another prime example of how sports will always be intertwined with politics.

After the New England Patriots secured arguably the most shocking comeback win in American sports history on Sunday, their loquacious tight end Martellus Bennett presented the US public with another test of their sanity: either accept that athletes can make their own stands or risk being embarrassed trying to muzzle them.

Bennett became the first US athlete in the Donald Trump presidential era to declare that he won’t be going to a celebration at the White House. Safety and team captain Devin McCourty then became the second when he joined Bennetton Tuesday by declining the photo op with Trump.

Bennett and McCourty’s decision will have other intriguing subplots to follow besides a few ranters on Twitter. Will more players join the boycott? Specifically, will white Patriots players, coaches (OK, maybe not Bill Belichick) or the rest of the organization have the gumption to join them? And will Patriots owner Robert Kraft have enough common sense to be nonplussed with whatever decision his employees make about meeting his friend? The answers to those questions, at least in Kraft’s case, should be clear the moment he remembers Brady’s tepid choice two years ago.

Brady, never keen to talk about anything other than what his family and football mean to him, will almost certainly stay neutral on his team-mates’ choices. After all, despite displaying a “Make America Great Again” cap in the locker room and talking about his friendship with Trump, he did not want to get drawn into politics in the run-up to the Super Bowl. But by then it was too late for him. In this new divisive climate it was too late for all of us.

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