Quandary, of Sorts


Do we act on change
for the sake
of it?
do we stay
with the tried
and true,
cause it’s
the thing
to do?
Do we continue to conserve
and preserve
bankrupt polices
and outdated ideas
while thousands die
in foreign lands
and here
hundreds of thousands more
rush head long
into poverty,
Or, do we care?
Are we swayed
by words
the likes of which we
haven’t  heard
since the days
of Kennedy and
My country tis’ of thee
land of the brave
and free
is this the future
of which
we sing?
Do we have the
audacity to hope
that someone like me
can ascend to the office
of presidency?
Or that my little girl
could one day be
the leader of
the free world?
Can we hope
for a better tomorrow?
Will the the skies open
and manna from heaven
pour down to ease all
our pain and sorrow?
after the people
have spoken
will we get hip
to the notion –
that no matter who
runs the plantation
it’s the plantation system
that is broken.
Tenthltr2u (c) 2008

12 Comments Add yours

  1. the says:

    That last line is a killer.  Very nice flow, as usual.  Keep our minds thinking, huh?  Peace.


  2. Sageview says:

    Your prosodical flows are insane — loving it!   Maybe we can start over leaving the plantation blueprints behind once we colonize the Moon, Mars, Junipter or some other interplanetary frontier? lol


  3. Jane says:

    As always, I am honored that you read my blog… thank you for your very kind comment :)I hear your heart loud and clear in this.


  4. Tenthltr2u says:

    thanks for your comment and yes the system is broken.  Not to marginalize any of the presidential hopefuls but the fact of the matter is regardless of who’s in the White House, this country and our political system is ruled by from without not from within and the illl that plague is today will still  plague us the day after the election regardless who wins.  The only difference will be to what degree.
    Lady J,
    No the honor is all mine.  You are the greatest non-published writer I have ever had the pleasure of  reading so thank you for gracing my space.  And yes, you can hear my heart.
    Thank you for your comments, I’m glad you liked this one.  Welcome to the Family!  "Old School for Life."
    My Brother Wordsmith,
    Thanks again for your siupport.  Us  "old heads" have to stick together.  And yes,  the last line – "a killer" but oh so true.
    Peace and blessings to all of you,


  5. the says:

    Just re-visited.  This is really quite more magnificent than I thought at first glance.  Clever, as well.  You and the words – an awesome combo.  Enjoy the weekend.  Peace.


  6. Tenthltr2u says:

    To be honest I had some difficulty with this one as well.  Like you after I’ve read it a couple of times it’s kind of grown on me.   Thanks for your supportive comments.


  7. Michelle says:

    Powerful words…


  8. . says:

     Incredible as always. Thanks for the Birthday wishes. Have a wonderful weekend!


  9. lds says:

    We stay with the tired and true because it is comfortable. Change takes effort and once we are set in our ways we don’t move much from our comfort zone. Yes, we maintain the corrupt and bankrupt because someone is making money. When you begin with a document that classifies human as less than what GOD created them to be, eternity beckons you to start over. However, we in this country lack the courage and the attention span to endure such a journey. Yet, I dare to dream and pray for what seems to be impossible.


  10. Sageview says:

    Dear Tenthltr2u,
    Let me just say, how clever TENTH/LTR/2/U.  I hope I got it? lol.  Now, if I could just speak it like you and others’ within this blogging village, I would be rich.  Love ya!  Peace, Love & Together


  11. Tenthltr2u says:

    You got it! That’s me Tenthltr2u. 
    Thanks for visiting Sageview.Now that you’ve solved half of the puzzle…….


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