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Copacetic Mingus

Mingus One, Two and Three”
“Which is the image you want the world to see?’
– Charles Mingus, Beneath the UnderdogHeartstring, Blessed wood
& every moment the thing’s made of:
ball of fatback
licked by fingers of fire.
Hard love, it’s hard love.
Running big hands down
the upright’s wide hips,
rocking his moon-eyed mistress
with gold in her teeth.
Art & love bleed
into each other
as he works the bow.
But tonight we are both a long ways
from the Mile High City.
1973, Here in New Orleans
years below sea level,
I listen to Pithecanthropus
Erectus: Up & down, under
& over, every which way-
thump, thump, dada – ah, yes.
Wood heavy with tenderness,
Mingus fingers loom
gone on Segovia,
dogging the raw strings
unwaxed with rosin.
Hyperbolic bass line. Oh, no!
Hard love, it’s hard love.


Yusef Komunyakaa

Hard love, yes it’s hard love.
But it’s love just the same.
What’s up Family/
Hope all is well

Mingus, Charles, 136, 36x48, Towering Mingus wBass, copy.JPG

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4 Comments on Copacetic Mingus

  1. Blessings…
    Loving is not hard, in fact its infinately easy it’s human beings that complicate it
    Have a good weekend….
    See ya whenever the mood hits yah..


  2. Where is your Obama blog Jay?


  3. Deep, deep and deeeep! Back in the day I had a thing for bassists and drummers. Charles Mingus was on my list. One day I was blessed to meet him backstage at a Michael Henderson concert (in the fall of 1978) in Chicago. He was so cool and calm and friendly (I remember his big smile and warm handshake). I was young (19) and star struck…I just sat there and took it all in. He took Michael’s bass (a sweet Rickenbacker) and started to play and I was in heaven. Thanks for this post…it brought back a special memory for me.


  4. Stylin’ – back in the day I hosted a Jazz Radio show and promoted jazz concerts. I never got the opportunity to see either Charles Mingus or Michael Henderson but they are both favorites of mine. Glad to stir up some fond memories and thanks for visiting.Ten


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