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Baby Girl

Like Lady Day, your voice
forged from the harshness of life’s realities,
soft yet powerful,  confident yet so very vulnerable,
speaking to me in ways that only you could.
With your song you move me, transport me
take me to another place.
Melodic, hypnotic,
so uniquely you.
Sing for me Baby Girl,
Baby Girl sing for me.
Let me love you Baby Girl.
Let our passion melt the space and time
that has separated us, the years that have
come between us, the nights that have faded
into fond and distant memories.
Let me love you Baby Girl,
Baby Girl let me love you.
Let our love making Baby Girl
be like your song –
melodic, hypnotic,
let it transport us to another place.
Soft yet powerful,
vulnerable yet confident in the fact
that it is uniquely us.
Sing for me Baby Girl,
Baby Girl – sing for me.

Tenthltr2u (c) 2008
What’s up Family?
This is an oldie but a goody.
Hope all is well and
that you have a great weekend.
About tenthltr2u (1063 Articles)
A child of the 60's I often feel out of place in the world as it exist today. Too much excess, too much materialism, too few people who genuinely care or give a damn. It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye. Antoine de Saint-Exupery

11 Comments on Baby Girl

  1. hmmmmmm……..alright now, I hear that…………
    Made me smile, reminded me of them fellas in the Islands, lol, lol, that’s all am gonna say..
    Keep on keeping on. Stay blessed.


  2. Sounds like a "How Fabulicious Got Her Groove Back" kinda story to me! – LOL. 
    Glad you enjoyed the post.


  3. Fantastic, as usual.  You have a magic touch when it comes to words and rhythm.  Keep it moving.  Peace.


  4. Coming from a fellow "wordsmith" this is indeed a compliment.
    Thank you much,


  5. Wonderful – Between you and Mr. WordSmith the Blogsphere is shimmering with passion – "Hypnotic" – As Soul II Soul would say, "Keep on Movin" –  


  6. Yeah but after my brother Wordsmith’s I felt like I needed a cigarette and I don’t smoke!
    But thanks anyway,


    That’s the kind of writing I aspire to.  Fantastic!


  8. Miss Cee,
    Although I appreciate your comments,  I just finished reading something on your spot and was think how well you express yourself.  As far as I’m concerned you are pretty damn good yourself.


  9. Very beautiful and passionate!:)


  10. Simply Lovely // January 13, 2008 at 11:01 pm // Reply

    You’re speaking my language…. Beautifully written! 🙂


    Hey, Ten ..
    Come on over to my space.  I want you to see something .. !


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