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Whispers in a Country Church

Who’s that dark woman
Sittin’ next to the preacher
Eyeing his feet?
Lord, look at her.
Red hat.
Perfume you can smell
From here.
Look, Making a move.
Asking for water.
Clumsy thing –
All over his
Brand new shoes.
Just what she wanted.
Bending down that way.
Wonder that dress don’t split.
Pretty hair though.
Got to give her that.

Alvin Aubert

Who’s that dark woman
Sittin’ there next to the preacher?
Who’s that dark woman
Tryin’ so hard
To catch his eye?
Who’s that dark woman
Sho’ nuff flaunting her
Big breasted self
For all to see?
Damn that’s
The widow Smith!
Well, from the look
On Brotha’  Morgan’s face
She won’t be
Widowed long.

What’s up Family?   Hope all is well.



About tenthltr2u (1067 Articles)
A child of the 60's I often feel out of place in the world as it exist today. Too much excess, too much materialism, too few people who genuinely care or give a damn. It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye. Antoine de Saint-Exupery

5 Comments on Whispers in a Country Church

  1. This is brilliant.  You have a way of making me remember or revisit a lot of my favorites.  I love his style, and the way he makes everything seem like "That could happen to me" or "I did the same thing".  Thanks for the reminder.  BTW – your follow-up is brilliant as well.  Peace.


  2. Thanks Brother Wordsmith.  We have so many gifted black writers out there whose work never sees the light of day – beyond the college circuit during "Black History Month."  I’m just glad to get the opportunity to share a few of them.  As for my contribution, well Brother Aubert gave me a lot to work with.


      Hi Tenth,
      Just wanted to let you know I am changing my whole entire name and address. Email address and all…
      I will be trying to add you to my new friends list on a new name. Hopefully, people will be able to see this one. No one could view my new SeaPrayer one so gotta try something else. So…If a Norwegian name appears asking you to be a friend, It is me!…LOL


  4. Thanks SeaPrayer, I’ll be looking out for the new site.


  5. hmmmmmmmmmmm………alrighty then.


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