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Seventy Years Are Few

I think a man’s seventy years are few!
Of his hundred years’ allotted span,
Thirty are lost.
Of his seventy years,
Ten are spent as a foolish child,
Ten are spent completely decrepit.
The fifty left divide into days and nights;
Only half have the light of day.
Wind and rain hasten one another,
The hare runs and the crow flies.
Carefully I ponder it all;
What’s better than
To be happy and at ease?
Lu Cih  (c. 1243-1315)
Seventy years are few … How we spend them can be so much more.
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A child of the 60's I often feel out of place in the world as it exist today. Too much excess, too much materialism, too few people who genuinely care or give a damn. It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye. Antoine de Saint-Exupery

4 Comments on Seventy Years Are Few

  1.   oh so true…
    Life is so very short.  If you think hard about it..and I do.  So many years are wasted as a result of a different variety of events that come and go.  Meaning…wasting alot of time on trying to mend broken hearts and broken spirits, etc.  Going through deaths in families and loved ones really takes its toll in ones life.  It is so important to savor the joys in life and do what we can to be at peace.  Learn to live the best we can.  I enjoyed this post, very much. 
       Guarded is good… I know the word Guarded.  I guess I am more what I call leary and not trusting.  It may not seem as though I am leary but I definatley am leary.  Wouldnt mind becoming a hermit.  That is not possible or realistic.  So..I am as close to a hermit as I can get away with.  Thank you for the well wishes.  Have a wonderful week ahead. 


  2. Just a few fleeting moments then. I better go and enjoy mine. Quickly, as time marches on.
    Oh, and always pay attention to your dreams. 😀


  3. Love this!!  Every minute God blesses us with is so precious.  Too precious to be spent fighting and holding grudges.  Peace and blessings to you today and every day my dear 😉


  4. Wonderful post..
    time.. it does not wait.. it just is.. and what we do with it.. well.. that is the question..
    Peace.. ~Hope


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