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Last Night I Dreamed

Last night I dreamed.
Not something I do often,
Not something I could really understand.
It was strange, the images haunting,
The feelings oh so real.
Last night I dreamed.
Last night I dreamed.
I was in a setting unfamiliar,
With people I seemed to be only vaugely acquainted.
Some I seemed to have feelings for,
While others I barely knew.
Last night I dreamed.
Last night I dreamed.
I said my goodbyes,
Some where more poigant than others,
Some had no emotion at all.
Some brought tears and fears,
And some seemed to bring relief.
Last night I dreamed.
Last night I dreamed.
I found myself traveling, following a distant star.
Seeking someone to help me understand it all,
Trying to find the happiness that has alluded me.
The love that I have needed so desperately.
I arrived at my destination unannounced.
You where there waiting.
Last night I dreamed
To the dreamers I wish you peace,
Tenthltr2u (c) 2006
About tenthltr2u (1074 Articles)
A child of the 60's I often feel out of place in the world as it exist today. Too much excess, too much materialism, too few people who genuinely care or give a damn. It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye. Antoine de Saint-Exupery

7 Comments on Last Night I Dreamed

  1. ::Double Sigh::  I am such a dreamer. 


  2. I am not able to work hard on making those dreams come true..
      I am way too tired. I want to rest.  I think I have been burned out. 
    And…It was my pleasure to add you. 


  3. Wow, I am glad I found your little space.. I will be back to read more..


  4. What a beauitful poem, thanks for sharing.


  5. Beautiful my dear…I wish you peace as well 😉


  6. You seem mysterious to me… I am drawn to mysterious people.  Dont know why, I just am. 
       I did have quite alot on my plate but that has all changed as I have come down with something.  It has slowed me down.  I will be resting and trying to get well this weekend.  I hope this weekend finds you well and in good spirits.  Thanks for stopping in.  Take care, mysterious one ::smile:: 


  7. Sadness, longing, lost and passionate hope of possibilities.


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